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We took part in the Shitbox Rally 2017 & It was one of the most incredible experiences I have been involved with. Being part of a group of 450 strangers was a little daunting, but what we found was 450 fantastic people with one aim, to raise as much money as possible to fight a great evil, Cancer. Our contribution is not over and we want to continue the fight against cancer by continuing our fundraising efforts. We are really pleased to announce we have signed up to Second Shot Shitbox! Second shot is just that, a way for past rally teams to continue fundraising. The top 5 fundraising teams get a guaranteed spot back in the rally and yes that is certainly one of our objectives, but most of all to be able to continue fundraising is the driving force. All donations go straight to the Cancer Council & are used exclusively for funding research. All donations are noted against our team which hopefully will get us one of the remaining spots available. If we don’t make the top 5 and don’t get into the current Shitbox, we have still achieved our major goal of raising the funds which will go directly to the Cancer Council for Cancer Research. Shitbox Rally is the largest community lead fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia and is now celebrating its 10th year. The target set for this year's fundraising challenge is $2 million dollars, these funds go to the Cancer Council and we are extremely proud to be doing our part to support such a worthy charity. The fundraising is the hard part, so any donation you can give is greatly appreciated.

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It’s all about the fundraising. Every dollar raised goes to the Cancer Council and these funds are used only in cancer research.

The recurring statements we get from our researchers is that every dollar counts. Every dollar is invested and used very well by our researchers with the only limitation on the research conducted is the funds we are able to raise.

We are the coalface; we are the ones that make the difference. Without your donations and our fundraising we would not be able to invest into research and without that research there are no breakthroughs, discoveries, advancements.

Second Shot Shitbox is purely about the fundraising. At the end there may be a chance for our team to get onto Shitbox Rally and raise more funds, but for now, or focus is purely on raising funds for cancer research and we hope you will help us where and however you can.

Second Shot Shitbox is part of the Shitbox Rally family. Shitbox is the largest independent fundraiser for the Cancer Council in the country. We really are having a significant impact on cancer research in Australia.

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The Impact, Outcomes & Charity

Shitbox Rally is a dedicated fundraising event for cancer research with funds going to Cancer Council.

Cancer Council is one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia. We conduct and fund research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey.

Thanks to the community funds raised such as Shitbox Rally we can fund world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer for everyone.

$46 million over the past 15 years has been raised by Box Rallies to date, supporting ground-breaking projects such as:

  • A research study to develop a vaccine that protects against lymphoma cancers.
  • A research trial to standardise international guidelines on melanoma removal.
  • A research grant to revolutionise the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

These projects wouldn’t be possible without your support.